When looking at stones I get sucked into deep time, when looking at my hard drive I’m afraid that it will break 4k Video, color and sound, 7'33", 2020

It seems that not much has remained of the initial hope that digitization and Internet technology could contribute to human emancipation and a more just future. Surveillance scandals, dependence on a few megacorporations, and hollow egocentricity are increasingly dominating the perception of the digital world. However, these negative tendencies are challenged by independent enthusiasts who vehemently defend the early dream of a free Internet.

The Internet Archive is one of the important institutions in this fight. "When looking at stones I get sucked into deep time, when looking at my harddrive I'm afraid that it will break" gives a poetic impression of the Archive's headquarters in San Francisco. Text, video, and audio fragments come together to form a composition showing that in the right hands the Internet and it's infrastructure do not become instruments of surveillance and control, but, on the contrary, can be mysterious, graceful and divine.

Below is an installation shot from the exhibition "Resisting Permanence" that took place at La Kunsthalle Mulhouse as well as the video.

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